So you want to fly?



Pick Your Power.

Traditionally, R/C planes have been powered by 2-stroke engines that burn a methanol/nitro-methane/oil mixture called "glow fuel." But there are other power sources to consider: 4-stroke engines and clean, quiet electric motors.

How much does it cost?

A lot depends on your budget. You can spend as little as $100 or as much as $1,000 on the basic equipment. Average cost for a complete (but no frills) beginner package runs around $200-$350.

How fast does a model go?

Trainers usually cruise at 30-50 kph and can land at speeds as slow as 15-20 kph. However, there are also unmodified, off-the-shelf airplanes that can deliver speeds of up to 350 kph!


How far can a model fly?

The range for a modern R/C system is about a mile. But to maintain control, you need to have your model close enough to tell what it is doing. Even a plane with a 5-6 foot wingspan looks tiny at half a mile.

What happens if I run out of fuel in flight?

Contrary to popular belief, you have control even if your engine stops running. You just glide your plane in for a "dead stick" landing. The radio system has its own batteries for power.






Our Field is located 19km South of Townsville, via the Flinders Highway.

Take the Oak Valley Exit (on right)

Turn left at "T" junction and follow to the very end.


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